Green, Clean and Dry Carpet Cleaning

Williston is Going Green!

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Owner & Founder Lindsay Walsh began Magnolia Carpet Cleaning in Williston after seeing a lack of green cleaning options in the MonDak.   She grew up in Minnesota and came to Williston for work in 2012 but decided to branch out on her own after a year of working over 100 hour weeks.  Today she calls Williston home.  Her goal is to make a positive and lasting impact on this region.  "Thanks to North Dakota and more specifically the MonDak for taking a chance on dry extraction carpet cleaning." -Lindsay Walsh

Bringing Green Cleaning to the Bakken!

After 5 amazing years of serving the Bakken, I made the tough decision to close down Magnolia Carpet Cleaning.  Currently, I am enrolled in the UND School of Law to become a lawyer.  Thank you so much for helping to make Magnolia Carpet Cleaning a success!  -Lindsay Walsh, Owner/Founder Magnolia Carpet Cleaning

Magnolia Carpet Cleaning company was established in Williston, ND in 2013 and we are happy to be the only female owned carpet cleaning business in the region.  We bring a new perspective to carpet cleaning and are excited to share our passion for green carpet cleaning with you!  Our mission is to be the premier carpet cleaning company in the MonDak region offering the highest quality service at competitive prices.  What sets us apart is a commitment to exceptional customer service.  We want every customer we serve to share about their great experience and if we can not live up to your expectations we will work hard to resolve any issues and leave you feeling like you received great service at a great price.

Whether it is cleaning an office, an apartment of even just a living room we treat all of our customers with respect and look forward to making your indoor environment cleaner and healthier!  One thing we are committed to is taking time to learn about new products on the market and bringing the best carpet cleaning products in the industry to you.  We are also committed to continuing education for all of our employees.